SkyDrive Live Website Review & Ratings + SkyDrive Live Coupons
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SkyDrive Live Website Review & Ratings + SkyDrive Live Coupons

SkyDrive Live: Products & Services

Microsoft is a widely renowned company that creates computer operating systems, software and websites. One of their more recent additions has been SkyDrive, a free online cloud storage that can be used to store anything up to 7 gigabytes. All you need to use SkyDrive is an active Windows Live account. Skydrive can be used for in a wide array of ways. You can use it just to transfer your own files privately, you may send it to your friends using e-mail, social networks or even directly through SkyDrive. You can also make certain files public making it viewable by anyone via social networking or a link.

The user friendly interface makes using SkyDrive very simple. With the click of a button you can organize your files into specific folders or share them on Facebook. With SkyDrive your files will never look messy and accessing your files will never be as convenient.

SkyDrive implements Microsoft Office directly into the website. Right in your browser you can edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files and save them instantly. This is convenient since you do not have to download the file to your computer and you do not need to have Microsoft Office on your computer to use it.

They have recently released a phone application on popular phone operating systems such as Android, IPhone, Windows and BlackBerry. This allows you to access and edit all of you and your friend's files on the go when you don't have access to a computer. This makes SkyDrive even more convenient and versatile. 

SkyDrive can be used in countless ways and is one of the most useful and versatile online cloud storages whether you just want to transfer your files from work or work on a project in a group.

SkyDrive Live: Company Background

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The name was a combination of "microcomputer" and "software". The company just started by creating operating systems and have created some of the earliest of them. They later started creating computer software their most famous being the Microsoft Office series but also created some lesser known software. When the Internet began to get increasingly popular, Microsoft saw another opportunity and created Windows Live, an email provider that quickly grew to become one of the largest. Windows Live later started introducing other very useful features, one of them being SkyDrive. They have grown to become one of the largest computer technology corporations in the entire world. 

SkyDrive Live: Customer Feedback & Reviews

SkyDrive is very popular with customers and I hear mostly positive comments about it. Most consumers love the user interface and large amount of free storage before needing to pay. Another plus that many like was the ease of syncing with your phone to easily get the items on the go and the customers that payed were happy with the cheap prices compared to other online cloud storages. Some complained about the simplicity of SkyDrive and that more features could be added to make it more successful but most people were happy with the features it currently has.

SkyDrive Live: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Microsoft is one of the most credible businesses in the world and received an A+ rating from BBB which can be viewed here. Over the years since Microsoft was founded they have received countless awards here are a few:

  • They were deemed the "World's Top Multinational Workplace" in 2011
  • They were ranked number 1 on the "Great Place to Work list" in 2010
  • Number 1 Employer of Choice at the National Society of Black Engineers' 19th Annual Employer Preference Survey in 2007
  • Corporation of the Year at the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce in 2006

To see a complete list of awards that Microsoft has won click here.

SkyDrive Live: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

SkyDrive is part of the Windows Live website and is operated by Microsoft, making it one of the most popular websites in the world. According to the Alexa website, it is 7th most visited website in the world and 8th in the United States . Being in the top 10 most visited websites in the world it receives millions of visits monthly. The site's popularity does not fluctuate much making it very constant.

SkyDrive Live: Social Media Presence

Microsoft's blog is very active and is updated daily A SkyDrive specific blog can also be found here. They also have a Facebook page with over 2 million likes and over 370,000 followers on their Twitter account. Microsoft takes their customers very seriously and reflect that in their activity on social networks and always keeping the consumers interested.

SkyDrive Live: Website Security & Safety

SkyDrive being developed and hosted by Microsoft is as expected very safe and secure. Your personal information is extremely private and your files can only be accessed by you or anybody else that you have chosen to be able to view it. Privacy should not even be a concern when using SkyDrive as there has been no reports of any leak of any personal information even with the millions of users that use it on a regular basis.

SkyDrive Live: Pricing & Packages

You may use all of SkyDrive's features without any payment though if 7 gigabytes is not enough storage space for you, then you may add additional space with the prices below:

  • 7 gigabytes free of charge when you sign up
  • $10/year for an additional 20 gigabytes
  • $25/year for an additional 50 gigabytes
  • $50/year for an additional 100 gigabytes

Dropbox is another popular online cloud storage, it's prices are listed below:

  • 2 gigabytes free when you sign up
  • $99/year for an additional 100 gigabytes
  • $199/year for an additional 200 gigabytes
  • $499/year for an additional 500 gigabytes

iCloud is a popular cloud storage for Mac, and also one of the largest out there. Here are it's prices:

  • 5 gigabytes free of charge when you sign up
  • $20/year for an additional 10 gigabytes
  • $40/year for an additional 20 gigabytes
  • $100/year for an additional 50 gigabytes

As it is clearly visible, SkyDrive has the lowest prices by a large margin.

SkyDrive Live: Shipping Rates & Policies

SkyDrive is an online service and does not ship any products.

SkyDrive Live: Payment Methods Accepted

When buying additional storage space with SkyDrive you have 2 options to pay, Paypal and Credit Card. If using Paypal it is very simple all you need to do is login to your Paypal account and pay which will only take a matter of seconds. Paypal is also one of the safest methods to pay on the Internet. If using the Credit Card payment option it will take a bit longer as you must write in personal information such as address and credit card number. Both options allow you to make a safe and instant payment.

SkyDrive Live: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Quoting the SkyDrive website, "In most cases SkyDrive subscriptions are non-refundable except where applicable by law." Therefore once your payment is made you cannot be refunded the money in most cases and must keep your membership until the expiry date. So be sure that you want to expand your storage before you do it as you will most likely not get your money back.

SkyDrive Live: Product images & screenshots
SkyDrive Live Coupons
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